Thursday, 8 May 2014

Calculated Statistics and Player Handicaps

We have introduced two new features to [League Admin] --> [Setup] --> [Statistic Setup]
(enable statistics in [Setup] --> [Options])

1. Calculated Statistics

On the public statistics grids you can create new calculated statistics on the same grid calculated from other statistics using entered formulas.

e.g. if you have three stats: R1: score, R2: extra score, R3: matches played, you could create a calculated statistic called "average score" = (R1 +R2) / R3

This is particularly useful for darts leagues wanting to record darts averages which can be calculated from two stat type R1: score, R2 number of darts thrown

You can use cumulative individual stat types, game formats and handicaps in calculated statistics.

2. Player Handicaps

A handicap is single statistic for a player effective at a single point in time. e.g. a player might have a value of -5 April 1st and -6 May 1st. You can choose to show these values after the players name e.g. Paul Wright [-6] and whether to show these values on a the public statistics grids.

We are currently working on the ability to be able to enter handicaps for singles divisions / competitions too. This will likely go live the week starting 19th May.