Wednesday, 27 February 2013

League Sites Version 3

Are there any help videos for version 3?

Yes - look at the youtube playlist

When can I upgrade to version 3?

We are currently converting sites that have not upgraded themselves.

What are the differences between versions 2 and 3?

We are obsoleting the old site builder system with version 3. Site content will now be created via 

- News reports
- Widgets
- Images
- Videos
- Sponsors
- Documents page
- Links page
- Contacts page
- Committee page
- About the "Site / League / Fixture Group" content
- Calendar content

The following are new features to the administration system specifically for version 3

- Google maps integrated with venue maintenance
- Ability to add venues to appear on a new venue page
- Ability to load documents which can only be seen by people within your league after logging in.
- Ability to create specific contacts for your league and chose what information for the contacts is public or requires a login to see it.
- Facebook integration with your facebook page to include facebook widgets on your website. Facebook likes and comments can also be added to news articles.
- Ability to include your twitter news on your website. 

Is version 3 free?

Yes, there is no change to our pricing structure. Version 3 is free with advertising and with using the domain name.

There is an annual subscription to remove advertising and / or use your own domain name. 

Why don't we just get upgraded to version 3 automatically?

Leagues with old site builder pages i.e. free edit page areas and news items will need to convert this content to new news reports.

Why are you replacing the old site builder?

We are replacing the old site builder product to create better looking websites. Some websites created within the old site builder product have badly formed html and just don't look very good because of the use of the html editor. All sites in version 3 will have a common standard making the sites more attractive to LeagueRepublic advertisers and therefore enable us to continue to provide a free service.

Do we have to upgrade to version 3?

Yes at some point we will turn off version 2 sites and remaining sites will be automatically converted.

How is site content organised in version 3?

Site content is organised via a tagging system. Images, videos and news can be tagged against leagues, fixture groups (competitions and divisions), teams and players. If you tag an image against a division it will appear on the division page. If you tag a news item against 3 teams then it will appear on the 3 team pages.

What are news items?

News items replace the existing league admin notices, the old site builder news items and the old site builder free edit page areas.  

Each news item will have its own page with content and two media areas. A media are can be

a) a single image
b) a single video
c) a gallery i.e. a collection of images.

When creating a news item you can enable a facebook like button to appear on that page and in addition you can enable a facebook comments area to appear.

You also have the option of whether a news item appears in the news list. 

You can also associate a news item with a date and time so that it will appear on a calendar.

What are widgets?

Widgets are areas you can add to different types of pages in the right hand side sidebar. There are 2 flavours of widgets, user widgets and system widgets. User widgets are widgets that you setup from scratch. System widgets are predefined widgets you can use.

User widgets:

a) Image and text

An image and text widget is just that, you could promote an event with a message "Click here for the AGM details" with an image representing the AGM. You could set it up so that the click would go to a news item about the event.

b) Single image

You can upload a single image to promote for example a sponsor or an event.

c) Image carousel

A selection of images, each can have a separate URL when clicked on.

d) A text message and URL

e) An RSS Feed

If you want to add a third party RSS feed e.g. BBC Football to your pages you can do that here.

System Widgets:

a) Twitter News

If you have a twitter account you can add your twitter posts

b) Facebook Like Box

You can add a facebook like box which promotes your own facebook page

c) Facebook News

Latest news from your facebook page

d) Contact Us

The first few contacts from your contact us page.

e) Weather

A four day forecast from your city.

How are images loaded and used?

Loaded images can be loaded via the Media --> Images program. They will be shown on

a) Latest images area on pages with relevant tagging

b) Photos and videos page

c) News items

How are videos loaded and used?

Youtube videos can be added to your site. Videos can be loaded via the Media --> Videos program. They will be shown on

a) Latest videos area on pages with relevant tagging

b) Photos and videos page

c) News items

How can I promote sponsors on my website

You can promote sponsors on your website via 3 ways

a) Add a sponsor to appear at the bottom of your site pages with a logo and a link through to their website.

b) Create a widget for your sponsor and place this to appear either in the sidebar or at the bottom of pages.

c) Create a news item about your sponsor. You can let this news item appear within your standard news and in addition you can link into this page via a or b above.


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