Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Install 20th December 2011

Two key changes with the install 20/12/2011


You can now hide venues from showing in the public pages, edit a division / competition / other fixture group.


If you previously set up divisions as "singles divisions" i.e. there is one player to a team, we have changed the way that we hold this data. All singles divisions now get the player name on the table / standings. To convert your data go to LEAGUE SETUP WIZARD --> DIVISIONS. This will only affect sports such as darts, pool and gaming leagues etc. From now on you only need to add players to a division and don't have to set up teams.

You can maintain a player pool and just add players from that. This is very similar to the way you can set up singles competitions.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Game Formats

Installed 20th October 2011

Some example leagues using game formats:

For sports such as snooker / pool / darts / racket sports e.g. squash where two teams compete and many games or frames take place between players in the teams then use


The following format of 5 singles games followed by 2 doubles then 2 "doubles 501" and 2 Triples is entered as follows.

Where you normally enter the results click on Game Score Entry in RED

Then enter the individual game scores like below:
Results are then shown on the display fixture page like this

You can configure the way in which the stat summaries are shown. In particular each of the game groups e.g. singles can contribute to MVP Points (you can change MVP to something else) so you can accumulate points per player. Edit the game groups to set how they are calculated for each. 

Stats are then shown like this - see how different MVP points per game group in this example.

Some notes on migrating to the new system for existing leagues

1) Decide a time to move - either at the start of a new season or mid season if you are in a position to re-enter the stats or are happy with the old game stats and the new game format stats being shown separately.


3) Goto STAT SETUP --> INDIVIDUAL STAT SETUP --> "For Legacy Game Type stats click here" and archive your old game type stats.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cricket - Net Run Rate

(Our solution is based upon net run rate as described here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_run_rate)

For each cricket fixture you can now record home and away values for Total Runs and Total Overs

Admin Home --> Results/Stats --> Results (for a date) -- for a fixture click on "cricket scoresheet"

At the bottom of the summary page you can enter:
1/ Home team total runs made.
2/ Home team total overs and balls received.
1/ Away team total runs made.
2/ Away team total overs and balls received.

If you enter figures and press update - then the system calculated home and away run rates will be seen on this page.

If you wish net run rates to be incorparated for divsion table/standings table ranking then go to:

Admin Home --> League Setup Wizard --> Scoring System --> "Click here to change scoring systems settings or to add a new scoring system" -->

then on the "Scoring system setup" page click on "edit" against the scoring system.

Under section Ranking, Tables/standings are ranked on - check the radio button - "Points - Net run rate".

Lower down this page in the Layout section: you can control where the run rate columns are displayed and the column text they will be described with.

For the ordering to be correct you will need to ensure run rates are enter for every fixture played for both home and away teams.