Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Install 8 December 2010

League Admin Pages:
1/ Added sequence to Competition - so can control ordering (see Admin Home --> Competition Wizard --> List Competitions
2/ List fixture page (Admin Home --> Fixture Wizard --> Fixture List) -
a) Changed wording on first drop down menu to Fixture Group. The list of fixture groups comprises Divisions, Competitions, Other Fixture Groups.
b) New radio button control - Select fixture group only / all fixture groups (if you select the choice "all fixture groups" and have say division 1 selected then you will see all fixtures that teams in division 1 take part in e.g. it will include competition fixtures that the teams are involved in.
3/ Fixed League Admin Result entry page so having done an update or entered stats the selected Fixture Group sticks.
4/ Fixed Deletion of Other Fixture Groups -- Admin home --> Fixture Wizard --> Other Fixtures --> Maintain Groups
5/ Added functionality for deletion of "External Teams" -- Admin Home --> Fixture Wizard --> Other Fixtures --> Maintain Teams

Public pages:
Fixed public referee page so referee filter works.
Fixed code snippets so venue displays.