Monday, 18 January 2010


Please note following is valid for UK leagues only, you can allow team administrators to enter results from their mobile phone via SMS (i.e. sending a text message)

To enable SMS

1) Setup team administrators - see FAQ here

2) Allow team administrators to enter results via SMS:

Go to My Account --> Admin Home --> SMS Wizard - click on teams --> Add New --> Create sms Result Entry Subscriber

3) Ensure teams have short codes from: SMS Wizard --> Change Short Codes

How It Works

Approximately 15 minutes after match starts (time of the fixture) a message is received on a Team Administrator's mobile phone, an example message received might be:

"LeagueRepublic Automated Results: CHE1 v MNU1 Sun 21 Sep 14:00. Reply with home and away scores exactly in the format: H A e.g. 2 1".

After the match reply to the message giving the score for the fixture, home team first, away team second. (H and A stands for Home / Away).

For example:- 3 3 (P P for postponents and A A abandonments). The SMS score is processed by a computer, so the format needs to be correct.

If a team administrator manages more than one team they may be asked to send in an additional code with the result to identify the team.

Notes about Results Approval

Once the result has been received it will shown immediately on the site if you "auto-approve" results.

If you wish to manually approve the results then visit (My Account --> Admin Home --> League Setup Wizard--> League Options

How much does it cost?

We offer it as a free service. The cost for the person to send in the result would be the same as sending a text message to any UK mobile number.