Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Notes on Free Edit / News Items and Stock Images

Free Editor Tips

The old version of the editor did not validate the HTML so through time a lot of your free edit page areas have been getting out of hand. The new editor validates and puts right bad html.

To clean up your "free edit" page areas we recommend that you edit them all and press the optimizer button (this is a blue cross - a plus sign +). If you switch to html mode before and after you will see the difference in the html and will become much shorter. You can do this within [Site Builder --> Pages --> Design View]

Cleaning up your free edit areas will make your pages load faster and better meet accessibility standards.

If you are confused by this then please contact us.

Stock Images

We will be introducing stock images so that when you don't upload an image to a notice / news item we will randomly show one from a collection that we hold for each sport. These will be introduced on a sport by sport basis.

We have bought some great images and can't wait to get these live.