Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Known Issues List

If you know of an issue which is not on this list then please contact us by completing this form http://www.leaguerepublic.com/contact-form.jsp

Known Issues

Results Page Scrolling
If you try and browse past the second page of the the results page using the arrow key, the screen does not jump to the next page. You have to use the drop down of page numbers to navigate to the next page.

Expect to be resolved 22/12/2009

Old Resolved Issues:

Page Printing
When printing pages the adverts are showing but they should be excluded when printing pages
This has been partly resolved as the first and main ad will not be shown
Resolved 16/12/2009

Framed Code Snippet
The drop down of divisions and seasons is missing from the new code snippet
Resolved 16/12/2009

Site name gets shortened with & in league Name
If you have an & in your site name in (SITE BUILDER --> SITE SETTINGS) your site name gets truncated in the dynamic header, as a temporary fix you can either rename the site header in (SITE BUILDER --> SITE SETTINGS) using the word "and" or disable the dynamic header in (SITE BUILDER --> LOOK AND FEEL)

resolved 01/12/2009

Competition Page
The new competition page is overlapping with the sidebar
resolved 01/12/2009

Team Notices
There is a problem opening team notices

resolved 1/12/2009

Code snippets
Code snippets are not working.
resolved 25/11/09

Sites with more than one league
If your site has more than one league then the new league drop down in the header is not directing you to that page

resolved 25/11/2009

Notices on Division Home
We have had a number of leagues pointing out that notices are difficult to find on division home. We are going to move 1 row of these up to the top of the page with a way to link into the others

resolved 25/11/2009

Player Registration Page and Email Subscription Pages
You may experience problems with submitting these pages

resolved 25/11/2009

Photo Album
There as issues with the display of the photo album page, it is encroaching over the right hand side sidebar
resolved 24/11/2009

Home Page - 2 columns
When you have 2 columns on a site builder page there is a gap between the right hand side column and the sidebar
resolved 24/11/2009

Club Sites with more than 1 team
The team menu is not correctly formatted

resolved 24/11/2009

Header with Logo and Flash
If you have uploaded your own logo and are showing a dynamic site name then the hit counter is displaying over the logo

resolved 24/11/2009

Club Sites Hit counter line
Club sites should not be showing season / division in the hit counter line

resolved 24/11/2009


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