Thursday, 8 May 2014

Calculated Statistics and Player Handicaps

We have introduced two new features to [League Admin] --> [Setup] --> [Statistic Setup]
(enable statistics in [Setup] --> [Options])

1. Calculated Statistics

On the public statistics grids you can create new calculated statistics on the same grid calculated from other statistics using entered formulas.

e.g. if you have three stats: R1: score, R2: extra score, R3: matches played, you could create a calculated statistic called "average score" = (R1 +R2) / R3

This is particularly useful for darts leagues wanting to record darts averages which can be calculated from two stat type R1: score, R2 number of darts thrown

You can use cumulative individual stat types, game formats and handicaps in calculated statistics.

2. Player Handicaps

A handicap is single statistic for a player effective at a single point in time. e.g. a player might have a value of -5 April 1st and -6 May 1st. You can choose to show these values after the players name e.g. Paul Wright [-6] and whether to show these values on a the public statistics grids.

We are currently working on the ability to be able to enter handicaps for singles divisions / competitions too. This will likely go live the week starting 19th May.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Guide to setting up posting to a Twitter Account

You can now post news and results from your League Republic site to a Twitter account. You can also post to a Facebook page, click here to see our guide to setting up posting to a Facebook Page.

Setting up your LeagueRepublic site to post to Twitter is quick and easy, please follow these steps.


When signed in to LeagueRepublic go to the Twitter Settings page:

In League Admin click on SITE --> SETTINGS --> TWITTER SETTINGS

Club Twitter Posting Coming Soon


In this page you will see a message stating that you need to authorise LeagueRepublic to access your Twitter account. To link a Twitter account to your LeagueRepublic site you need to enter a PIN code that Twitter will generate for you.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Guide to setting up posting to a Facebook Page


In order to post to a Facebook page, you must already have a Facebook Page (not Group) set up and be a manager of that Page. 

You also need to sign in to LeagueRepublic with your Facebook account, if you do this already then go to STEP 2.

If you do not currently sign in to LeagueRepublic by clicking on the Facebook button on the LeagueRepublic sign in page - then go to STEP 1.

STEP  1. Users who do not have Facebook Login

To add a Facebook Login to your LeagueRepublic account go to My Account, then go to Settings, from the Settings page click on Facebook then click the Add Facebook button. This will either take you to the Facebook Sign in page, or if you are already signed in to Facebook, will ask you if you want to allow LeagueRepublic to receive "the following info: public profile, friends list and email address". Click OK, this will then bring you back to My Account.